Inspections & Repair

     Our top priority as a company is making sure that our customers are safe. Simple as that. Every single product we make undergoes a thorough inspection to insure you are getting a product that you can trust. But we don't stop there. We will send one of our qualified inspectors to your job site to inspect any or all of your wire rope and chain slings. We follow all ASME standards and check each sling and/or components for damage.  Should any sling or component fail the inspection, it will be flagged and should be taken out of operation or be repaired before being used under load. 
     If you choose to repair a sling, instead of replacing it with brand new one, we will repair or replace any components that caused it to fail, attach a new identification tag if needed, and pull test it to twice its rated capacity. This insures that the sling's integrity remains intact and it can be put back into service. 


Proof Testing

     If you would like your slings tested, we have a Proof Testing machine designed to pull a sling or component to twice its rated capacity. This ensures that the sling was made properly and is safe for use in the field. A detailed certificate will be provided for each sling or component tested.



Delivery Service

     We offer full time delivery service for orders that are too large, too heavy, or too expensive to ship via UPS. Our primary delivery area includes Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. If an order needs to be shipped outside of the Tri-State area, we can also ship via common carrier.