The classification of general purpose wire rope is the most commonly used. This both includes the 6x19 class and the 6x37 class. 6x19 classification ropes provide an outstanding balance between fatigue and wear resistance. They give excellent service with sheaves and drums of moderate size. 6x37 classification ropes are more flexible but less abrasion resistant than the 6x19 classification. Each strand contains multiple small diameter wires. As the number of wires increases, flexibility increases.

In some instances, fiber core is the smart alternative to the standard IWRC ropes. (Independent Wire Rope Core). Fiber Core as the name suggests, uses a center core woven of fiber instead of a wire core. Although it has a strength lower than IWRC, the flexibility may be preferred to certain applications.

Rotation resistant ropes can frequently provide the best and most economical service in specific applications when you choose, handle, and use them properly. Contra-helically laid, rotation resistant ropes are different from standard ropes because they are designed to reduce rope torque. Modes of failure and wear for rotation resistant ropes can differ from those for standard rope constructions. The very nature of these ropes requires special handling, selection, and usage. Use extreme care to avoid operational practices that can possibly lead to these conditions.

Most applications for wire rope are extremely demanding. Wire rope must resist crushing, bending fatigue, and abrasion. compacted crane rope users receive superior performance and increased service life in many applications compared to the ropes they had previously employed. Compacted crane ropes provide greater surface area and more steel per given diameter, which increases rope stability and strength, too. The results in longer life and less sheave and drum wear.

Starlift Xtra is the latest performance rotation resistant rope designed and manufactured by CASAR Germany, a member of WireCo WorldGroup. Starlift Xtra is the strongest of all ropes in the high performance rotation resistant product line. The balanced design of Starlift Xtra results in minimal torque under load, providing superior rotation resistance. Under a normal working load range, Starlift Xtra has virtually no tendency to rotate, making it ideal for both single-part and multi-part hoist systems but also those involving long falls where rotation resistance is required.